The Why & The How to Implementing a Telemedicine Program for the Diabetic Retinal Exam in Primary Care

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An annual diabetic retinal exam (DRE) is vital to identifying (and sometimes reversing) sight-threatening eye disease. Most healthcare organizations are held accountable for ensuring that their diabetic patient population receive this required exam. But most healthcare organizations struggle to not only get their patients to their eye doctor for the exam, but also in receiving those results back from the physician once performed.

A new way of solving this is to bring the DRE to the patients, using telemedicine. Although this type of solution has been around for several years, many questions still exist as to how to make it successful. One such company is IRIS – an FDA-cleared diagnostic telemedicine company that builds customized programs for their clients to perform the DRE. Their standardized workflows, supported by technology innovations, created a programmatic approach to operationalizing and institutionalizing the program in a primary care setting.

Three IRIS customers have joined together on this panel webinar to discuss their experience – what barriers did they encounter with implementation? How does the solution work? Will patients agree to the exam? Will we get reimbursed?

Join University Health System, St. Elizabeth Physicians and LifeBridge Health as they provide insight as to why and how they implemented the IRIS telemedicine solution to provide better care outcomes for their diabetic patients.

Learning objectives 

  • Discover how to implement a diabetic retinal exam (DRE) program and some of the barriers to avoid and overcome in patient and physician compliance.
  • Learn how to increase DRE compliance and improved quality scores through a diagnostic telemedicine program and how that connects to increasing revenue and ROI.
  • Hear the differentiators in choosing a diagnostic solution like IRIS over a camera-oriented approach, so that you can apply lessons learned to successfully implement a DRE program in your practice.

Brought to you by Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems and their customers: St. Elizabeth Physicians, LifeBridge Health & University Health System. 

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